Posted on: December 11, 2009 2:45 pm

Chris johnson - MVP Fantasy Football 2009/10?

I am convinced that Chris Johnson will be identified as the best Fantasy Player this year! He has scored many more fantasy points than the next closest RB (MJD).

In my favorite League, where QB fantasy points are huge, (due to bonus points for long TD's and 1pt per 30 yards with bonuses kicking in at 250 yards) CJ is the only non-QB on the top ten scorers list! 

At issue is his ability to withstand the RB punishment for the remainder of the season. Every team knows that he will be running the ball a lot in an effort to beat the rushing record. Therefore, most are "stacking the box" to hold him down.

While I do not think he will break the record, he will go over 2000 yards! A great achievement. If the Titans were winning the Division, he would be seriously considered an MVP candidate. His name is being mentioned lately but really only in passing (no pun intended) because the focus quickly moves to the QB'S i.e. Brees, Manning, Favre and even Rodgers.

Good Luck Chris Johnson! I am cheeering for you to break the rushing record and be recognized as the best RB in the NFL this year. Yes, even ahead of Adrian Petersen who has been under-performing of late (and I am a Viking fan!).

More later....

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Posted on: December 7, 2009 2:00 pm



I have been playing Fantasy Football for over 10 years but only recently realy got more serious about it. For example: I paid more attention to off season activity and training camps. I followed some of the top prospects and read more about the possible break-out players for 2009. As a result, I am 1st Place in 5 of the 6 Leagues and will make the playoffs in the 6th one! A good Season indeed!

However, I still have not found a Fantasy Football site that I feel totally comfortable with in terms of going with their advice (Start/Sit, Trades, Pick-ups and Rankings). I believe that the "luck" factor in Fantasy Football makes it virtually impossible to be a true "Guru" (prognosticator") i.e. one with a very high percentage of "correct" projections/answers.

So, it takes some "skill" and very good "artsmanship" to comb thru all of the available information from the so called experts in order to develop a strategy for your Draft and then to manage your team(s) throughout the season. It seems we should be able to create one place (a blog) for sharing our knowledge as wells as to ask questions/advice from others. How about here?  

Please join me in noting your thoughts, ideas, questions, etc. right here each week. In particular, if you wish, identify Topics for others to comment on.


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